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Instructions to sell: Self training salespeople – Contains: instructions, aphorisms, handbook, look, sales techniques. (English Edition)

Defined by the best sellers on the market as the modern seller’s upgrade.
“Instructions for Selling” is the manual to become a leading seller. The text comes from the author’s experience and represents a clear, complete and practical synthesis to become successful sellers.
The idea of this instruction manual for sellers was born, thinking about how such an instrument can be useful on certain occasions.
How many times before an important sale would you have wanted to know how you had to behave, what instructions to carry out to complete it successfully?
What is it appropriate to say? What mistakes should we avoid to commit? Which clothing to wear? How to behave? What to keep in the case to always be a step forward? How to close a sale successfully?
The author, known for his marketing essays, sales and communication techniques, wanted to respond by concentrating his knowledge in this sales guide.
Each of you can get the maximum yield, consulting and making the instructions that will make them perfect leader sellers. Reading it you will immediately understand that you have a concentration of valuable practical tips to sell and communicate effectively.
You will find clear and direct instructions to effectively close a sale. You can consider it your trump card, ready to be played in all the games of the sale in which you want to win.
The “Instruction for Selling” manual deals with Sales Techniques, Communication with the Customer, Leadership in Sales, Marketing and Personal Growth.

The book contains:
– Behavioral instructions
– Sales techniques
– Rules to follow
– Errors to avoid
– Self-assessment test
– Quotes, aphorisms, anecdotes
– Closure techniques
– Seller’s tools
– Time and planning
– Handbook
– Look of the seller

Also includes the special: “The seller of planets”.
“Instructions to sell” is a self-training text for sellers, which can not be lacking in the knowledge of those who aim for maximum yield.

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